miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

SQLPing v3

SQLPing 3.0 es una simple herramienta cuya funcionalidad es escanear la red en busca de servidores SQL y a su vez detectar inconsistencias en sus configuraciones, lo que da una mano a la hora de securizar algunos puntos básicos. 

Descripción oficial:

SQLPing 3.0 performs both active and passive scans of your network in order to identify all of the SQL Server/MSDE installations in your enterprise. Due to the proliferation of personal firewalls, inconsistent network library configurations, and multiple-instance support, SQL Server installations are becoming increasingly difficult to discover, assess, and maintain. SQLPing 3.0 is designed to remedy this problem by combining all known means of SQL Server/MSDE discovery into a single tool which can be used to ferret-out servers you never knew existed on your network so you can properly secure them. .NET Framework v2.0 Required. (Note: Due to .NET policy restrictions on most computers, you'll need to execute the SQLPing 3.0.exe program from a local drive in order to get the full functionality). SQLPing 3.0 adds brute-force password capabilities and the ability to brute-force multiple instances.

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